Robert Hyde
    Houston's Residential Painting Professional

Drywall Repair/Textures

 Professional Drywall Installation and Repair 

 With extensive experience in drywall installation ,finishing and repair i can guarentee satisfaction no matter what condition your ceilings or walls may be in. Once an area is repaired we can match the texture and blend it into the surrounding areas. Once painted our repairs are mostly unnoticable and your room is restored back to its original beauty.

 Ceiling/Wall Resurfacing
  Have your ceiling and walls become unsightly from years of wear and tear? I can resurface your ceilings and walls and bring them back to thier original look when the house was first built. We can texture your ceilings or walls to add a little something to the look of your room. Orange peel ,knockdown ,stomp ,crows foot are just some of the many options available.