Robert Hyde
    Houston's Residential Painting Professional



Is your front door becoming dull and weathered? Has the finish on your kitchen cabinets become scratched ,dinged up and dirty from years of wear and tear? No matter the condition of your stained woodwork 9 times out of 10 i can clean up ,refinish most of these areas in and around your home. Stained decks , fences gazebos or other exterior projects can also be pressure washed ,restained/sealed to almost new condition.
  Just give me a call and i can schedule an appointment to come out and took a look at the condition of your project and we can discuss your options. I recommend doing this as soon as possible though. Once your woodwork looks like it needs refinishing(particularly outdoor projects) then the protective properties of the finish that is on them has already worn down to the point of little or no protection from the elements. So call today..